Options to graduate

COVID-19 and graduation: While we have postponed the August graduation ceremonies, eligible students will still graduate. The process of identifying and assessing new graduands will remain unchanged.

Within the week following Result Release in July 2020, the Division of Student Administration will identify eligible students who have fulfilled the requirements for completion of their course. At this time the Division will issue all eligible completed students with a digital completed transcript via My eQuals. All eligible completed students will then be submitted to Academic Senate for approval. Upon approval by Academic Senate the list of approved students will be conferred by The Chancellor on behalf of the University Council.

Instead of waiting to attend a ceremony to receive a testamur, all graduands will have their printed testamur mailed via Australia Post. This will occur within 2 weeks of the August conferral period (14 August 2020). In addition graduands will receive a digital copy of their testamur and AHEGS via My eQuals.

This is normally what happens for those eligible students who elect to not attend a ceremony.

Once we are able to reschedule the graduation ceremonies, we'll be in touch with all new graduands during this period to advise of ceremony options and how to attend a future ceremony.

Students: Stay up-to-date with important information about COVID-19.

Attend a ceremony

If you completed your final subjects in Session 3, 2019 or Session 1, 2020, we will contact you in mid-late April with your graduation options (date to be confirmed).

If you are completing your final subjects in Session 2, 2020, we will contact you in mid-late September with your graduation options (date to be confirmed).

Step 1

See the costs, academic dress requirements and how to buy guest tickets

You'll need to pay for yourself and any guests before the closing date to ensure that your tickets are reserved for you.

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Step 2

Learn about your graduation venue and dates

Find out more about the venue you'll be graduating at, including dates, times and tips for making your graduation a great day.

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In absentia (you won't attend a ceremony)

If you have successfully completed your course but you don't want to wait until your graduation ceremony to receive your testamur, you can apply to graduate in absentia. This means that once we verify that you're eligible to graduate, your name and degree will be recommended to the University Council for conferral. After that the University Council meeting we'll post your graduation documents to you.

If you choose to graduate in absentia, you can’t attend a graduation ceremony, unless you're a PhD or Doctorate Graduate.

How to graduate in absentia

  1. You will be notified once you are a potential graduate and and asked to advise your preference for graduation
  2. Submit your option to graduate in absentia
  3. Your request will be processed for the next scheduled University Council meeting
  4. After processing and approval, your graduation documents will be posted to your address within 1-2 weeks of the University Council meeting

Dates for 2020

Below are the final dates to submit your request to graduate in absentia. If you miss a cut-off date, your request will be processed during the following period.

Submission deadline University Council Meeting
10 January 7 February
7 February 6 March
6 March 3 April
10 April 8 May
8 May 5 June
12 June 10 July
The University holds ceremonies in this month. Please refer to Important Dates for deadlines to choose a graduation option. 14 August
14 August 11 September
11 September 9 October
9 October 6 November
The University holds ceremonies in this month. Please refer to Important Dates for deadlines to choose a graduation option.4 December