Options to graduate

Attend a December ceremony

If you're interested in an August graduation, we'll be releasing more information on this next year.

Step 1

See the costs, academic dress requirements and how to buy guest tickets

You'll need to pay for yourself and any guests before the closing date to ensure that your tickets are reserved for you.

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Step 2

Learn about your graduation venue and dates

Find out more about the venue you'll be graduating at, including dates, times and tips for making your graduation a great day.

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In absentia (you won't attend a ceremony)

If you have successfully completed your course but you don't want to wait until your graduation ceremony to receive your testamur, you can apply to graduate in absentia. This means that once we verify that you're eligible to graduate, your name and degree will be recommended to the Academic Senate for conferral. After that Academic Senate meeting we'll post your graduation documents to you.

If you choose to graduate in absentia, you can’t attend a graduation ceremony, unless you're a PhD or Doctorate Graduate.

How to graduate in absentia

  1. You will be notified once you are a potential graduand and asked to advise your preference for graduation
  2. Submit your option to graduate in absentia
  3. Your request will be processed for the next scheduled Academic Senate meeting
  4. After processing and approval, your graduation documents will be posted to your address within 4-6 weeks of the Academic Senate meeting

Dates for 2019

Below are the final dates to submit your request to graduate in absentia. If you miss a cut-off date, your request will be processed during the following period.

Submission deadline Academic Senate Meeting
11 January 8 February
8 February 8 March
8 March 5 April
12 April 10 May
10 May 7 June
14 June 12 July
19 July 16 August
16 August 13 September
13 September 11 October
11 October 8 November