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How to wear academic dress

How to wear academic dress


You will need to put your gown on first.

Step one - put on the gown

With masters gowns your arm is exposed from the elbow (as shown). With the bachelors gown your arm does not go through the slit in the arm.

Step two - Put your arms through the opening

You may need to ensure the gown has not slipped back due to the gathering on the yoke.

Step three - adjust the hang of the gown


Open the hood (colours) out and place over your head.

Step one - place the hood over your head

The front part of the hood should show both the red and faculty colour.

Step two -  Make sure the Faculty colours show correctly

Adjust hood on shoulders to ensure it does not fall off (for slight people you may need the assistance of some pins).

Step 3 - adjust the hood so it doesn't slip off

Ensure that the colours of your faculty are showing on the shoulders.

Step four - Check the colours show at your shoulder 

Trencher (Hat)

Now for the trencher.

step 1 - put the trencher on your head

The small peak goes to the front.

Step 2 - make sure you have it around the right way

Put it on your head.

Step 3 - adjust the tassel

That's it!

Step 4 - Make sure its level

The flat top should be horizontal if not - you have your hat on back to front.

Make sure the top is flat!