Academic dress

  • How to wear your academic dress

    Walk through the process of wearing your Academic Dress so you're prepared on the day. Staff will also be available to assist.


  • Colours and regulations

    Find out all you need to know about your academic dress colours and regulations for wearing


  • Commonly asked questions

    Do I have to wear Academic Dress?

    Yes - You must be in full academic dress appropriate to the award being conferred in order to participate in the ceremony.

    What should I wear under the gown?

    The gowns have an open front so the clothes you wear will still be noticeable. It is advisable that you wear, at a minimum, smart casual.

    The Masters and PhD gowns have an open sleeve so your arm from the elbow down is exposed. The undergraduate gowns cover most of the arm.

    The gowns are quite warm so if you are graduating during warmer weather we suggest, for your own comfort, that you do not wear a coat under the gown.

    Most graduates will need to negotiate a set of stairs, cross the stage and off the other side so it is advisable that you wear shoes that you are confident in. A new pair of shoes may need a little wearing in so you do not slip.

    The trenchers (hats) are skull caps so it is not possible to have your hair in a pony tail unless it is at the nape of you neck. It is also not possible to fit the trencher over large clips in your hair.

    Which side does the tassel on the hat go?

    Traditionally the tassel is worn on the left hand side until such time as you graduate when it goes on the right. At most of the graduation ceremonies where there is a professional photographer they will request that you wear it to the right so that it does not obscure your face when stage photos are taken.

    Is there anything I can wear to indicate I am Indigenous or a Torres Strait Islander?

    Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander students have approval to wear a sash of the appropriate colours. Maldhan Gilanna has a stock of these sashes and they will be available at all on-shore CSU graduations. If you would like to wear one, please advise staff when you pay for academic dress hire and they will provide one for you. There is no additional charge for the stoles.

    Can I purchase my gown?

    You can purchase your academic dress from our online shop. Please note that this will not change your attendance fee requirement.

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