International On Campus students - guest visa application

Please note: applications have now closed.

  • Who should use this form?

    If you are an on campus international student and have been contacted to register for your graduation, you may wish to invite some family from your home country to attend your big event!

  • What will the letter provide me?

    We can provide you with a formatted letter to support your upcoming ceremony details.

    The letter will confirm:

    • your details
    • the date and venue of your upcoming ceremony
    • how many guest tickets you have purchased

    You can then provide a copy of the letter to any of your guests travelling from overseas as support for their reason for travel.

    The letter will not include details of your guests.

  • What won't be included?

    The letter WILL NOT include details of your guests.

    This is because you will be responsible to provide an additional letter to each of your guests confirming that you have asked them to attend.

    It is suggested that in your letter you include your guest's full name, date of birth and relationship to you.

    To help, we have provided a template that you may want to use. Download this template as a guide.

    You do not need to provide a copy of this letter to us, only to your guests.

  • How to apply

    Before you can submit this form you must have completed the online payment to attend your ceremony as well as your guest tickets.

    You will have been provided with the link to payment when you were emailed your ceremony details, refer back to that email.

    We must receive payment for your graduation and your guest tickets before you submit the form. (Any requests received without payment will be automatically cancelled).

    Please note: applications have now closed.