Important dates to prepare

9-13 September 2019 Your ceremony will be confirmed

If enrolment shows that you will be a potential graduate at the end of this session, the Graduation and Protocol team will email you with details of your allocated ceremony date, time and venue as well as your options.

If you believe you will complete your course this session and have not received an email from the Graduation and Protocol by 13 September, please contact Student Central to check.

6 October 2019 Deadline to finalise your graduation preference

Due date to submit your registration to graduate and payment if attending a ceremony.

  1. Attend a graduation ceremony at one of our locations
  2. Graduate without attending a ceremony

CSU offers scholarships to assist with the cost of graduation. Click here for more details.

29 October 2019 Ensure your details are up to date

Ensure your personal details are correct on your CSU record. Check your name, its spelling, middle name etc.

If you are graduating In Absentia we will need your current mailing address.

31 October 2019 Extra guest tickets

If there are any extra guest tickets available for purchase for your ceremony you will be notified via email. Be quick as it will be on a first in basis until exhausted.

12 November 2019 Deadline to buy extra guest tickets If not already exhausted, the option to purchase extra guest tickets will close on this day.
15 November 2019 Result release

Your final session grades will be released today. If any of your grades are not showing, please contact Student Central.

19 November 2019 Eligible or Not Eligible to graduate confirmation

Following Result Release the Graduation & Protocol team will email you to confirm if you are eligible to graduate or if you have outstanding requirements.

If you have outstanding grades or requirements to meet all your course requirements you can contact Student Central for advice.

Confirmation of ceremony details and total guest tickets

Within your eligibility advice email we will re confirm your ceremony details and total guest tickets. You will not need to print any tickets. We will present you with any tickets required on the day of the ceremony. Just bring a copy of your Student Number with you on the day.

Refund if not eligible If you are not eligible to graduate and have made payment to attend a ceremony, the Graduation and Protocol team will automatically process a full refund of graduation attendance and guest tickets before the end of the month.

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