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Attending your graduation ceremony

Attending your graduation ceremony

You must pay for the graduation before the closing date for your ceremony to secure your tickets. Refer to the graduation communications for further information.

Graduation attendance cost

If you have filled out your application to graduate and are attending the graduation ceremony, you are required to pay for the attendance cost. There are two parts you need to pay for as part of the attendance cost.

1. Graduation attendance and academic dress

The graduation attendance price includes the hire of full academic dress (gown, hood, trencher or bonnet), however the price is fixed whether you have a gown or not. Our Graduation Officers will have a full supply of graduation regalia available on the day. We can also assist you with donning your graduation attire and ensure you're wearing the correct colours for your faculty.

You can keep your gown for up to 1.5 hours after the ceremony to take photos with family, friends and peers. A professional photographer will be available on the day to take photos before and after each ceremony. All gowns are to be returned after the ceremony.

CSU policy has strict regulation in regards to standardisation of Graduand regalia. Please see CSU Graduation Policy – Academic Dress for more information. 

2. Graduation tickets

Further information regarding graduation guest tickets will be advised in your invitation to attend the graduation ceremony.