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Prepare to Graduate

Prepare to graduate

Step 1 - Check your details

Ensure your enrolment details are correct in Online Administration.

Your contact details

You can update these directly in the Online Administration site.

Your personal details

If your name is wrong, find out how to update it.

Your course details

Ensure your course details are correct, including any specialisations or joint study.

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact us.

Step 2 - Make sure you're eligible

Check your emails for messages from Student Administration about your eligibility to graduate. You will receive the first of these emails after the Census date in your final session of study.

  1. If you believe you will complete your course this session and have not received any messages from Student Administration, email Student Central to check. Include your Student ID in the subject.
  2. Pay any outstanding fees you owe via our secure payments site
  3. If you haven’t received a grade for a subject from a previous session, you will need to chase this up with your Subject Coordinator. Examples include subjects marked as To be Assessed (TA) and Grade Pending (GP).

Step 3 - Choose how you graduate

Step 4 - Submit your application

If you have been identified as likely to complete your course requirements at the end of the current session, you will be sent an Application to Graduate form. You will be asked to:

  1. Confirm your details, (see Step 1)
  2. Indicate if you or any of your guests has special requirements such as a wheelchair, trouble walking or standing etc.

The closing date for your application will be before your final results are released. Don't wait until you are certain that you will be eligible to graduate before you apply.

Step 5 - Pay for your graduation

Once you have applied to attend your ceremony, follow the instructions to pay for your graduation. (See Attendance Costs) There are two parts you need to pay for:

  1. Your attendance, which includes the hire of full academic dress and light refreshments
  2. Your guest tickets.

You must pay for the graduation before the closing date for your ceremony to secure your tickets.

Find out more about how to pay for your graduation costs.

Step 6 - Receive your testamur

If you have nominated to attend your graduation ceremony, you will be presented with your Testamur at the ceremony. Additionally, you will receive digital copies of the Testamur and AHEGS and these will be delivered electronically.

If you have indicated that you will not be attending your graduation ceremony or you did not submit an Application to Graduate, you will receive a digital version of your Testamur and AHEGS and a hard copy of your Testamur will also be mailed to you. These are posted within 4-6 weeks of the scheduled graduation ceremony.

Find out about AHEGS.

After Graduation.

Find out about digital documents.