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Your guide to grduation day

Your guide to graduation day

You will be emailed your final ceremony information around one to two weeks before the graduation ceremony. This email will confirm your ceremony time and location.

Following this, around one week before the graduation ceremony, you will receive an email with your tickets attached for printing.

Please ensure that you print the attachment and bring it with you to the ceremony to ensure your registration can be completed in full.

The Ceremony

Graduation ceremonies are usually 1.5 to 2 hours long. Ceremonies include the procession into the hall of the dignitaries, conferral of awards and presentation of individual graduates to the Chancellor, and an occasional address. The dignitaries then process out of the hall, followed by the new graduates and then their guests.

Refreshments are then served for graduates and their guests. Graduation services (photography, framing etc) are located in the same area.

See the ceremony dates, times and location maps.

When to arrive

Registration, gowning and photography open 2 hours prior to the ceremony and we strongly recommend that you arrive no less than 1.5 hours prior to the start of your ceremony. This will give you enough time to complete your registration and collect your academic dress. Remember, there will be many other graduands with you on the day - arrive early to avoid long queues. You need to be registered, dressed and seated ready for the ceremony to commence no later than 20 minutes before the start of your Graduation Ceremony.


Registration closes 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

You must register your attendance at the ceremony when you arrive. This will ensure your name is called during the ceremony.

If you don't register, this could result in your name not being called out during the ceremony and you not being able to cross the stage for presentation to the Chancellor.

Guest tickets

Further information regarding graduation guest tickets will be advised in your invitation to attend the graduation ceremony

Collect your Academic Dress

After you have registered your attendance, move on to collect your academic gown, hood and trencher.

Graduates must return all gowns back to gowning within 1.5 hours of the end of the ceremony.


Graduand seating

You will be allocated a seat number in the graduands reserved seating area. It is important that you remain in your allocated seat as you are seated in the order you will be presented to the Chancellor.

Guest seating and children

Guest seating is not numbered but in order to be admitted each guest must have a ticket. This includes all children who are more than one year old.

Please note there is no standing room for guests at the ceremonies.

Presentation of Graduates

Graduates will be presented to the Chancellor of the University one at a time by course. Your name will be checked by staff as your course is called and you will move through a series of checkpoints.

When your name is called by the Presenter, acknowledge the Chancellor by doffing your cap (take hold of a corner of your trencher and nod) and then walk to the Chancellor at centre stage. Shake hands with the Chancellor and pause while a formal photograph is taken. Proceed across the stage to collect your Testamur from the Dean of your Faculty. You will exit the stage and return to your seat.

What is Doffing?

Doffing, which is to tip one's hat in salutation, is simply lifting your right hand to touch the front edge of your trencher (hat) and nodding slightly. It is a sign of respect to the Chancellor.